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St. George Armenian Church in Mardin, TURKEY

Mardin is a town with a very old Christian tradition, surrounded by many early Syriac Christian churches and monasteries. The local authorities, who are aware of the potential economic advantages from tourism, are supportive of restoration projects in the town.

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Roşia Montană Mining Landscape in Transylvania, ROMANIA

Situated in the western area of the Carpathian Mountains, the landscape of Roşia Montană has been gradually transformed by gold and silver mining, from prehistoric surface works to deep underground galleries, continued in medieval and modern times, up to the

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Manueline Style Monastery and Church of Jesus in Setúbal, PORTUGAL

The Monastery of Jesus in Setúbal, concluded in 1494, is one of the first examples of the Manueline or Portuguese Late Gothic style, which skilfully incorporates maritime elements and representations brought from the pioneer voyages of the Portuguese discoverers. Better

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Renaissance Monastery of San Benedetto Po, near Mantova, ITALY

San Benedetto Po, located in the northern Italian province of Mantova, owes its reputation as an outstanding example of artistic, architectural and religious importance to the namesake abbey complex founded in the 11th century. The main buildings were designed in

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Vauban’s Fortifications in Briançon, FRANCE

The site of Briançon has been a strategic location since ancient times given that it is located at the crossroads of various valleys of Savoy (annexed to France only since 1860) and France, not far from Italy. During the 17th

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The Buffer Zone of the Historic Centre of Nicosia, CYPRUS

The aftermath of the Cyprus dispute saw the creation of the Nicosia Buffer Zone in 1974, which cuts across the historic and architecturally rich centre and has disrupted the city’s cohesion and continuity for almost 40 years. The corridor’s heritage

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Roman Amphitheatre in Durrës, ALBANIA

The Amphitheatre of Durrës, dating back from the beginning of the 2nd century, was discovered only in the 1960s. It is located in the very centre of the city, known in antiquity by the name of Epidamnos or Dyrrachium. It

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