Frequently Asked Questions

We compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions for the 7 Most Endangered Programme. Click on the questions to see the answers.

1) Is the 7 Most Endangered a funding programme?

No. The 7 Most Endangered is a raising-awareness programme. Its aim is to serve as a catalyst for action and to promote “the power of example”.

2) Who can submit entries?

Entries can be submitted by Europa Nostra’s country representations, member and associate organisations as well as by established public and private bodies active in the heritage field located in countries where Europa Nostra is not yet represented.

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3) What is the difference between "Shortlisted" and "List"?

An international advisory panel, comprising specialists in history, archaeology, architecture, conservation and finance, meet to discuss over the applications and shortlist the most endangered monuments and sites. The final list of 7 sites is selected by the Board of Europa Nostra.

Heritage and financial experts from Europa Nostra and the European Investment Bank Institute follow up and undertake “rescue missions” to the 7 sites, together with the nominators. The multidisciplinary teams assess the sites and help formulate a feasible action plan for each of them, in close cooperation with national and local public and private stakeholders.

There are no missions to the shortlisted sites.

4) What does "progress" refer to?

For the sites selected for the final lists, there are reports (available here) and in some cases follow up ‘fiches’, in which progress is outlined and it refers to progress that is taking place based on the recommendations of the reports. The current categories in alphabetical order are:

Good: there is good progress on implementing a plan on the site.
No mission: a mission on site was not carried out.
Part completed: conservation has started.
Part slow: there is slow progress on the implementation of the recommendations.
Poor: difficulties remain
Slow: steps have been taken but there is slow progress
Unavailable: there currently is no detailed information
Unstable: there is political instability

The reports for the 2018 List are in preparation.
Shortlisted sites do not have reports or progress ‘fiches’.

5) When was the 7 Most Endangered Programme launched?

‘The 7 Most Endangered’ programme was launched in January 2013 by Europa Nostra with the European Investment Bank Institute as founding partner and the Council of Europe Development Bank as associated partner.

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Programme Coordinator
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