Advisory Panel

Members appointed by the Europa Nostra Board:

Isik Aydemir, President of the Scientific Council of Europa Nostra (Turkey)
Maria Berza, former Council member of Europa Nostra, former Executive Vice-President of Pro-Patrimonio (Romania)
Costa Carras, Vice-President of Europa Nostra, Founding President of Elliniki Etairia (Greece)
Ros Kerslake, CEO of The Prince’s Regeneration Trust (UK)
Laurent Lévi-Strauss, Council member of Europa Nostra (France)
Charles Pictet, Banker, Council member of Europa Nostra (Switzerland)
Adam Wilkinson, Director of the Edinburgh World Heritage Trust, Council member of Europa Nostra (UK)
Rienko Wilton, Secretary of Europa Nostra’s Industrial and Engineering Heritage Committee (The Netherlands)

European Investment Bank Institute (founding partner):

Guy Clausse, Dean (Luxembourg)
Tom Hackett, Former and Honorary Director General of European Investment Bank (UK)

Council of Europe Development Bank (associated partner):

Luca Schio, Head of European and International Cooperation (France)

Europa Nostra:

John Sell, Executive President of Europa Nostra acting as non-voting Chairman representing the Europa Nostra Board (UK)