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Call for Nominations

To prepare your application, please read the Call for Nominations document, which outlines the criteria for selection and the selection process.

List of Questions

Download the list of questions and prepare your answers and other submission material. You can then copy-paste all of the answers into the online form in one session. If you connect from the same device, browser and IP address, answers can be automatically saved by the online form, but we recommend to fill in everything in one session.


It is very important that you select the best and most representative photos of the endangered site you wish to nominate. Some suggestions:

➝ You can send up to 15 good resolution photographs (around 1800×1200 jpeg, 2MB or higher) or images (e.g. recent or historical photographs, maps or drawings) as individual files to support your nomination;
➝ Photos can be in both landscape and portrait formats;
➝ Photo-collages of two or more photos are accepted only if the pictures are sent also as individual material;
➝ All images (both photos, drawings and maps) should be clearly named and captioned with a numeration.
➝ Include a list of captions and credits with subject, description, name of the photographer.


You can also send film/video material that you might have, including some aerial views, mid-shots, close-ups, and panning shots, of your site (the ideal dimensions for the video material are 1920 x 1080, in .mov or .mp4 format). The material would preferably be free of copyright, but, if necessary, a (copyright) notice can be indicated.

In case the site will be shortlisted or selected, Europa Nostra will use this material to produce a short video about the 7 Most Endangered sites 2023 to be shared with the site nominator, media contacts and for use on our website and our events.

All submitted photos and videos may be used for communication purposes in the future, therefore it is necessary that they are of good quality and, if possible, in the requested format.

Letters of support

Please attach at least two (2) letters of support for your nomination by public or private heritage organisation (at least one should come from a Europa Nostra Member or Associate Organisation). The letters should be submitted in English or French. If the letters are in another language, please attach translation in English or French.

Supplementary material

Supplementary materials are optional and can include:
➝ conservation reports or other technical assessments relevant to the site
➝ architectural drawings documenting structures on the site or recording their condition
➝ bibliography of resources relevant to the site, such as books, journal articles, press clippings, online sources
➝ maps showing the location of the site
➝ project budgets

We Transfer

You can upload your files divided in separate folders using our WeTransfer and post the emailed link in the online form. Have the WeTransfer link for photos, (videos), letters of support and supplementary material ready before you submit the online form. Once uploaded on WeTransfer, you will receive the link via email and you will need to paste this link in the form. For videos you can also insert links (ie YouTube, Vimeo, etc). You can watch this video tutorial on how to upload files using WeTransfer.

Before you upload, make sure you have all your files on your computer neatly organised in folders.
Folders Checklist:
☐ Photos ☐ Videos ☐ Letters of support ☐ Supplementary material

Online form

Filling in the nomination form in multiple online sessions can lead to your answers being lost. Please prepare the text of the answers in a Word or Google Doc. Then simply cut and paste your answers to all questions in one session.
To navigate through the questions on the online forms, use the arrows on the bottom right corner of the form.
All applications must be submitted in English.
You can translate this page into any language by clicking the Google Translate link on the bottom left of this page under Follow us.

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Antigoni Michael
7 Most Endangered Programme Coordinator