Ivicke House, Wassenar, THE NETHERLANDS

Ivicke House, located just a few kilometres from the city of The Hague, is at increased danger of disrepair due to lack of maintenance on the part of its private owner.

Built in 1913 in a French neo-Louis XVI style, the house is a faithful imitation of the Hermitage Hunting Lodge located in the forest park of Dyrehaven, north of Copenhagen.

Ivicke House, Wassenar, THE NETHERLANDS

Ivicke House has been left to deteriorate for about two decades and is increasingly exposed to the elements through broken windows, leaks in the roof and gutters and through infiltration of its walls.

The private owner of the site has been steadfast in refusing to carry out anything aside from the most minimal repairs to the building, in direct contravention of the National Monument Law which states that owners of buildings of heritage importance must appropriately maintain their property. Squatters who have occupied the building since July 2018 have carried out some emergency repairs.

The nominator of the site, Bond Heemschut – the Association for Heritage Protection has been working in parallel with the Stichting Cuypersgenootschap – Cuypers Society┬áin their campaign to save Ivicke House.